The Power T1S-1X12 is a loaded enclosure featuring a 12" Power T1 slim subwoofer and a whopping 600 watt power handling capacity. This enclosure is sealed for fanatics who prefer a deep, solid "thump" in their bass response.

Woofer Quantity
Woofer Size
Woofer Series
Power T1S (T1S1‐12)
Nominal Impedance (ea)
Power Handling (Watts RMS)
600 Watts RMS 
1200 Watts Max
Enclosure Material
5/8" MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Shipping Weight
38 Lbs. (17.2 kg)
CEA-2031 Compliant
CEA-2031 Guidelines
Frequency Response
20 Hz - 200 Hz
Enclosure Type
Speaker Connector
Up to 12 AWG compression terminals
Box (H x W x D)
Wedge (H x W x D1 x D2)
14.5” x 31.5” x 4.2” x 6.3” 
(37.0 cm x 80.0 cm x 10.7 cm x 15.9 cm)