Window Tint



STANDARD Dyed Construction 1 year warranty

most* 2 door cars/trucks  price 120

most* 4 door cars/trucks  price 150 

most* suvs price 250 .

CARBON TINT - Year after year, SolarFree dedicates itself to excellence, research and development. Not only do we strive to enhance the quality of our films, but in consideration of current economic times, we strive to provide our customers with the most competitive prices all the while adhering to the utmost standards of quality. This year, we introduce a new automotive film line that combines the most advanced film coating techniques with modern nano-pigment technologies. With our new line, Sentry, drivers can enjoy the comforts and benefits of superior solar shielding. Sentry is a unique film that surpasses the limits of traditional dyed films and provides a lifetime of color stability at an incredible price point.lifetime warranty .

most* 2 door cars/trucks price 250

most* 4 door cars/trucks price 300

most* suvs price 400 


most* 2 door cars/trucks price 300

most* 4 door cars/trucks price 370

most* suvs price 500

CERAMIC TINT -SolarFree wants you to experience nanotechnology at its finest with Artisan, a superior modern automotive film that rejects up to 95% of infrared heat while retaining the benefits of standard solar control film. Artisan allows zero signal interference, 99% UV rejection, and blocks up to 63% total solar energy, so that everyday drivers can remain cool even during the hottest summer days. Artisan’s impressive ability lies in its highly-developed construction where superior-grade PET film meets advanced nanotechnology. And because Artisan’s clarity is second to none, the everyday driver will not realize that Artisan is actually installed on their windows providing an enjoyable experience for the customer.lifetime warranty .

most* 2 door cars/trucks price 500..

most* 4 door cars/trucks price 600 ...

most* suvs price 800 



WINDOW STRIP 40 *most rides 

FULL WINDSHIELD 150 *most rides 


WINDOW STRIP 70 *most rides 



WINDOW STRIP 80 *most rides 

FULL WINDSHIELD 300 *most rides 


 TINT REMOVAL 100 - 150  *most rides 


we use suntek tint for standard . solar free for carbon / ceramic