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  • 1 amplifier
  • High-level input wiring harness
  • 2 spare fuses
  • 2 2-color brand stickers
  • Quick start guide

General Specifications

Max Power
1800W Peak
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
≥85dB (ref 1W output @ 4Ω)

System Specifications

Power Output, 2Ω
65Wrms x 4, <1.0% THD+N
Power Output, 4Ω
45Wrms x 4, <1.0% THD+N
Power Output, 4Ω Bridged
130Wrms x 2, <1.0% THD+N

Subwoofer Specifications

Power Output, 2Ω
500Wrms x 1, <1.0% THD+N
Power Output, 4Ω
320Wrms x 1, <1.0% THD+N
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
≥80dB (ref 1W output @ 2Ω)


Compact footprint

Infinity Reference amplifiers are designed with a compact chassis and small footprint to ease installation, even if available space is limited.

High- and low-level inputs

Speaker-level and low-level inputs allow Reference amps to work with just about any car stereo, aftermarket or factory.

Variable crossovers and bass boost

Unlike many amplifiers available at similar prices, Reference amps feature variable electronic crossovers and bass boost circuit to allow for fine-tuning.

ADAS input with channel assignment

In vehicles with ADAS warning systems, you can assign a channel to broadcast system alert messages.

HALOsonic mixing input

Reference amps can also work with the HALOsonic systems of select vehicles, which helps reduce external noise for a better sonic experience.