DIAMOND Diamante Italia Edition


The legendary HEX PRO series is Diamond Audio's flagship speaker system. HEX PRO delivers unrivaled quality, precision and performance utilizing our exotic HEX speaker cone material and patented TDX Technology. Utilizing a precision crafted, HEX Pro crossover in a compact cast aluminum  housing you have the very best speaker system Diamond Audio ever offered. 

Diamond Audio, an industry leader in high-end mobile audio products Shows its brand new flagship Diamante Italia Edition 3-way component speaker systems handcrafted in Italy.


The HEX PRO Diamante Italia Edition (HXPRO653DI) 3-way component speaker system was designed and engineered to mimic the sonic and tonal qualities of musical instruments with vocals being reproduced as naturally as possible. The speakers deliver the widest band of midrange frequency, superior mid-bass response, and vocals that exudes the fidelity of a live performance. Cost was never an option with the HXPRO653DI as the basket foundation was constructed from a solid block of precision CNC machined aluminum not only for the midrange speakers, but the tweeter and external crossover casing as well. The soul of the speaker comes from a proprietary formulated double layer cone consisting of treated “Alumiglass” and the best quality of cotton fiber fineness and length handcrafted in Italy for superior stiffness while being ultralightweight for tremendous response. The HEX PRO 6.5” midbass speaker utilizes a 1.25” voice coil while the accompanying 3” midrange speaker utilizes a 1” voice coil for superior power handling capabilities. The HEX PRO Diamante Italia tweeters combine a natural 1” silk dome encompassed with a Kapton former and a neo-magnet motor structure for the perfect sonic reproduction making music sound as much like the real thing as possible!


HXPRO653DI Technical Specifications:

Configuration: 3-way Component System

Midbass Cone Material: Alumiglass Composite

Midbass Basket: CNC Machined Aluminum

Midbass Diameter: 6.5”

Midrange Cone Material: Alumiglass Composite

Midrange Basket: CNC Machined Aluminum

Midrange Diameter: 3”

Tweeter: 1” Natural Silk Dome

Power Handling: 180W RMS

Sensitivity: 89dB 1W/1m

Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20 kHz

Nominal Impedance: 3.3Ω

Crossover Frequencies: 500 – 5 kHz 12dB/Octave

Manufactured In: Italy